середа, 27 серпня 2014 р.

CasaPound Italia support Ukraine

Dear readers! (Editor’s letter)

We are sorry to inform that the web-site you are currently on hasn’t published any new materials for a long time due to the fact that its creators have been actively participating in the notorious events in the East of Ukraine. For this reason we feel an urge need to report you about all the latest events in Ukraine. 
Ukrainian people continue to fight against Moscow's occupation. Our struggle against Russian imperialists seems now to be a struggle for the preservation of the Ukrainian nation. For many years of Ukrainian independence it has been a neo-colonial power that betrayed our interests for benefit of Moscow and the West. This power has deprived Ukraine of nuclear weapons and has systematically destroyed the Ukrainian army. That is what Moscow imperialists were hoping for. But our enemies have made a mistake: their aggression led to our national spirit “recovery”. The whole Ukrainian nation is now consolidated to struggle against one common enemy. 

The current regime led by Poroshenko isn’t acting in a consecutive manner. To say more, there are lots of traitors on the highest levels of Ukrainian government and in the army. Unfortunately, Ukrainian nationalists are not able to fight on two fronts at the same time as struggle against the internal enemy would definitely bring benefits to invaders. But we must say that there is one good thing concerning this issue. One may easily observe nowadays a sincere revolutionary mood of Ukrainians. “The Right Sector” is becoming more and more popular among frontline soldiers every new day of our struggle. A lot of soldiers and officers are frank in their words about the time after defeating the Russians when they are eager to go and fight with the Kyivan traitors and are going to carry out a military coup together with nationalists. 

European Anti-Fascists Actively Supporting Russian Invasion into Ukraine

The Neo-Bolshevik terrible mess taking place in Eastern Ukraine is being actively supported by European anti-fascists who felt the danger of the nationalist regime establishment in Ukraine. That is why they could not but reveal their solidarity with the Communists who are the main pro-Russian force in Donbas.

Italian anti-fascists are especially active in this process. What is more, Spanish anti-fascists even ventured to send several military volunteers to Ukraine to declare their support.