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Dmytro Yarosh : Caravan should move on…

There is such Eastern proverb: “dog barks, but caravan moves on. During last years of the existence of Independent Ukraine, this proverb inspired me and many of my blood brothers. We moved on.. We walked the way of National revolution. Moved to our dream, Ukrainian Independent Common State. Dogs barked, snarling jackals, but we did our work 2013 brought to us great award for all our efforts. Our society began to realize the basic truth – only red-black flag will lead us under blue-yellow flag of liberty. Ideas, which we, nationalists, proclaimed many years, has been perceived by critical mass of Ukrainian citizens and this resulted to the real revolution development in Ukraine. But, at the same time, we must realize the fact, that National revolution has not won yet.

Imperial Kremlin panicky afraid of the creation of Ukrainian national state. That is the reason of it”s reaction with aggression. Unfortunately, we still have to implement only defensive war, protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Aggression of Moscow a little bit suspended revolutionary processes and saved oligarch system, allowed the new power to act impertinently, save from lustration those, who were guilty before the Ukrainian publicity, did not allow to finish the revolutionary process with juridical and political finish of the national idea'as the base of Ukrainian state creation.

If we had no any factors of aggression from the Moscow, in this case the street would say it”s powerful word, revolutionary element must create concrete political yields, and the society, united by revolution, would create all actions of the new power.

But, we have many facts to be glory in. We many facts be optimistic. First of all, in winter 2013-2014 the revolution of consciousness took place. Now we have another society, than we had a year ago Revolutionary struggle led us to the powerful changes, which will be potential many decades. Our society became closer to the national ideas. At the same time our society realized it’s own responsibility of the creation it”s own history. Ukrainian society now understands, that it must strictly establish all demands to the existing power, and in case of the ignoring of such demands - the existing power can be replaced.

There was another positive change – the positional strengthen of national movement. We were capable to unite to the single revolution force different levels, oriented to the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism. Recently, those levels of society were displaced by neo-colonial obstacles. But now, “Right Sector” is one of the most important factors of the state living. “Right Sector ” is uncomfortable for many people, but we exist and affect many processes, because we are based on the right ideas and ideals, sacrifice of oufr membership and the support of population.

It is very important the fact of military force growth in the national movement. “Right Sector” appeared in Ukrainian history in the night of October the 30, defending “student” Maidan against brutal goblins from “Berkut”. Weapons of those fellows for that time was simple wooden sticks (not even sticks, but pieces of wooden logs) and canned peas. Several months passed, stakes in the struggle grew, but “Right Sector” become the real revolutionary army, hardened during those street encounters. After Yanukovich escape we were capable to create the system of professional training or fighters and now those fighters effectively encounter armed saboteurs from Moscow.

With regard to that fact, the “Right Sector” had to adapt to the new political conditions and become the political party, we accurately choose methods how to encounter with aggressors from Moscow. Unfortunately, the acting power does not promote the ability to use full potentiality of nationalists in in the struggle for the unity of the country. But, despite, we managed the cooperation, and for this time our fellows coordinate thei efforts with state force agencies, defending national interests as on the “front line”, as in the deep “rear”.

Those our fellows, who encounter saboteurs from Moscow in Donbass or guard state border somewhere in Rivne region, - they are the confidence of our future. The best of them will head national movement and, probably, in some time, will head political life in Ukraine. They are those people, who estimate honor and defense of national interests higher than their security and own prosperity. Unfortunately, there are some persons in our power with psychology of traders and bank owners. With the kind assistance of God, The National revolution in Ukraine will win and we will obtain real national elite - not only professionals, but sacrificial people with virtues of knights.

Our “caravan” moves on. The question about the victorious finish of National revolution is still the objective and will be the primary question. That is why - we will win. And God will assist us!

Russian multiculturalism policy threatening the occupied territories of Ukraine

Modern Russian Neostalinizm cannot be considered better than Western cultural Marxism. The Russians in fact are now suffering from the same misfortune as the nations of the European Union do. Neostalinizm regime headed by Putin is now implementing a policy of multiculturalism which leads to complete dissolution of Russians in a sea of Asian people.
An event taking place in the Pushkino town not far from Moscow on May 15-16 is a striking manifestation of the Kremlin’s official policy. An immigrant murdered a young Russian man that led to a wave of protests against both migrants and local authorities protecting them. But all these protests faced resistance of the police and their complete misunderstanding. 

The current Russian government is pursuing genuine Russian patriots but is willingly “granting” protection to immigrants at the same time. Drug trafficking and several other criminal spheres are under migrants’ control. Moreover, many (even too many) representatives of Asian nations have their lobby in the police offices and in government authorities.

Russian multiculturalism policy brings significant threats to Ukrainian society. 

Firstly, one may easily observe a significant percentage of Asians representing Russian occupational forces on the Crimean peninsula as well as in the East of Ukraine. Those were Asians who were actively participating in raping local white girls and women, as well as in banditry occasions in the Crimea. 
Secondly, after the Crimea had been occupied we could observe an influx of Asians establishing control in the area of business (tourism in particular). 

Occupied territories of Crimea have all the chances to become a new Stavropol. Stavropol is a territory lying in the North of the Caucasus Mountains. It is a homeland to Ukrainians and Russians (but the local Ukrainian population is mostly denationalized: a part of is identifying itself as neither Ukrainians nor Russians but the "Cossack" people). Due to the policy of the Russian government Stavropol has turned into the Russian Kosovo. Stavropol territories are now being massively occupied by Muslim Caucasians despising the indigenous population. The Crimea can now easily become a new victim of the same Russian imperial multiculturalism approaches.

Thus the current struggle against Russian invaders is for Ukrainian nationalists not just a fight for independence, but also the one for the entire white race’s interests!

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Dmytro Yarosh: Interview to Italian journalists

1. What is the present social and political situation in Ukraine?

Everything is quite tough. Even before Yanukovych came to power, we said that our country is occupied from the inside. Under the rule of Yanukovych, the anti-national nature of this regime reached its climax. Currently, after Yanukovych escaped, one can see cracks in the regime – but the regime itself has not been completely removed. The Party of the Regions and the Communist Party are not banned. Yesterdays opposition (parties) are not helping fight against corruption. There is no movement towards more justice and solidarity in society. 

2. What do you think about the new government in Ukraine (the interim government)? 

Originally, we tried not to criticize the new government to avoid destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. Now, however, we are forced to state the obvious: the interim government has demonstrated a completely lack of professionalism and patriotism. This can be seen clearly by the loss of Crimea, the ongoing presence of corruption, and the completely lack of any resistance towards internal and external enemies. Certain elements in the current government have become completely contra-revolutionary. The national revolution, in any case, must continue. Of course, it would be best if it continued in a peaceful form. But the current government, with its deeds can easily provoke a new wave of uprisings. 

       3. What do you think about western supporters of the Ukrainian uprising, like Soros or Bernard-Henri Lévy or even Obama? (some say the revolution was financed by western politicians, like Soros, Bernard-Henri Lévy or Obama). What do you think about this?

Soros, Bernard-Henri Lévy, or Obama were not at all interested in a national revolution in Ukraine. The west was interested in protests that would force Yanukovych change his geopolitical course. It’s obvious that effort was put towards this. Yet despite this, western countries viewed Yanukovych as the legitimate president even when people were dying on the streets on Kyiv. Bernard-Henri Lévy has certain ideological interests regarding Ukraine, while Soros has both ideological and economic interests. Obama, despite being from the democratic party, thinks through the scope of the imperialist interests of America. Not one of them wants to see a strong Ukrainian state. 

4. What do think about NATO and the EU? Is the Ukrainian revolution pro-EU, pro-western? What do you think about America? 

We are against membership in the EU or NATO. We have nothing against working with EU and NATO countries on equal terms. Yet giving up our sovereignty by joining one of these blocks is something we do not want to do. In the same sense, we want nothing to do with the ideology that currently dominates in the EU. We also don’t want to associate ourselves with imperialistic politics of NATO. The revolution that took place in Ukraine was, above all, cause by hate of ordinary citizens towards a corrupt and criminal government. Certain illusions regarding the EU might have played a slight role, but this role was always secondary. Today we, Ukrainian nationalists, are trying to push forward the view that Ukraine should not rely in the EU or NATO, but on itself. Unfortunately, Putin hinders our propaganda and makes promoting such views hard. Putin is by far the biggest promoter of pro-EU and pro-NATO moods in Ukraine –his own imperialistic politics force Ukrainians to look towards the west. On the other hand, the policies of western countries has been ruining the illusions of many Ukrainians. Because the west is doing nothing against Russia in terms of pressure, many Ukrainians have became disappointed in the west. Regarding America, we  do not have some type of pathological hate to it – yet we are completely aware that it wants world domination, and we are against this. We are for a multipolar world, a world without empires, a world where every nation can be free and preserve its own identity and spirituality. 

6. What type of political and cultural views do you have? (i.e. what do you not like, which politicians do you view as positive examples?). If you could describe the worldview of Right Sector in a few words, what would you say?

We support the ideology of classic Ukrainian nationalism and through this ideology try to find answers to modern-day issues. In this sense, we remain true the this ideology that was formed towards the middle of the 20th century, but also want to continue to develop it and transform it to present-day issues. The absolute base of Ukrainian nationalism is Christianity. We clearly differentiate nationalism from things such as chauvinism, xenophobia and imperialism. The heart of our movement is composed of people with nationalist views, people true to conservative Christian values. Quite often it is people filled with the noble spirit of the Middle Ages. Together with this, we’re ready to find answers to modern problems, ready to help society find answers to different social, economic and other problems.

7. Is your revolution against the Russian people, the Russian government or pro-Russian Ukrainians? What type of future do you want for Russian-speaking Ukrainians?

Our revolution, above all, aims to defend only the interests of our own nation. Regarding Russia, we’re against Russian imperialism. The fact that we have many Russians inside Right Sector quite clearly shows we’re not Russophobic. These people came here to support the Ukrainian revolution and gain experience. They also completely understand that the Putin regime is actually anti-Russian. Many Russian patriots have been thrown in jail for their activities. Russians are degrading morally and physically and inside Russia are being lost amongst a sea of non-Russian peoples. It’s quite possible that the next president of Russia can be the Chechen Ramzan Kadyrov. This is why many Russians understand that the only thing that can save their nation is destroying the empire. We work with such Russians and will continue to do so. Regarding Russian-speaking Ukrainians, then many of our activists are Russian-speaking Ukrainians are true Ukrainian patriots. Russificiation, however, is indeed a problem. An even more serious problem of similar nature exists in Ireland. We want the rebirth of Ukrainian culture and language, not through repression, but through art, through promotion. This will only become possible when we obtain a true national state.

8. What do you think regarding Crimea and the recent referendum there regarding separating from Ukraine? 

We feel that Crimea belongs to Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. Besides this, many other ethnic minorities live there – not only Russians, but also Greeks, Armenians, Estonians and so forth. This is why we want to create a true autonomous region in Crimea, that being integrated fully with the rest of Ukraine, would still guarantee the rights of Crimean Tatars and other ethnic minorities. Theoretically, the main argument for the creation of such an autonomy is the pro-Ukrainian position of Crimean Tatars. Regarding the so-called referendum, it was a complete farce. Less than 30% of the population of Crimea took party on it. This pseudo-referendum took place underneath Russian guns. Sooner or later Kyiv will regain full control of Crimea. 

9. You say you want an independent and sovereign Ukraine. If you came to power tomorrow, what type of foreign policy would you have? What geopolitical goals do you have for Ukraine? Should Ukraine join any international alliances? What type of relations will such a Ukraine have with Russia?

We see a few chances for consolidation and integrating countries of central and eastern Europe. First of all, it is the creating of a vertical axis from the Baltic to Black Sea with the Baltic countries, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. Second of all, we’re interested in seeing consolidation between the countries in the Black Sea region and countries in the south Caucasus region. In many aspects, we are prepared to be pragmatic in finding allies. Regarding Russia, then we can have normal relations with this country only when it gets rid of its imperialistic ambitions. 


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Congratulations to the Polish people on note of the canonization of POPE JOHN PAUL II from Right Sector

We sincerely congratulate all Poles on note of the canonization of John Paul II - a great pastor of the Universal Church and a great son of the Polish people. One can take different views on the politics of John Paul II. But, beyond any doubt and discussion are his holiness, his dedication to God and his love to people. "Santo subito!" - "Immediately a Saint!" – chanted crowds of people at his funeral.  Hundreds of millions of followers of the Universal Church from the entire world were waiting anxiously for the start of the beatification process, and after for the canonization of this great Christian leader. The proclamation of John Paul II as a Saint filled the entire Church with happiness. Even more happiness was brought to the Polish people, which the Pope was a member of.

Ukrainians and Poles have a tragic history. However, recent events give us hope of being able to not repeat the mistakes of the past and together build the future. It is impossible not to mention how Poles showed such solidarity with our people during the revolutionary events. The support we felt can be a sign of the decisive reconciliation of our peoples and preparation for close co-operation and friendship in the future.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, are interested in co-operation with Polish conservative and nationalist forces and in friendly relations between our nations overall. We are interested in integration processes on the territory between the Black and Baltic seas and view Poland as our strategic partner. Our peoples must forget any chauvinism and build relations on positions of mutual respect. I hope John Paul II himself will pray for this in Heaven.

The Right Sector calls upon all Poles to remain true sons of the Church and to remain their national and religious identity. Together we'll revive Europe – a Europe of free nations!