четвер, 18 вересня 2014 р.

“The Right Sector” will participate in Parliamentary elections

 On September, 13, the political party “The right Sector” had a meeting. It took place at the camp of the 5th battalion of Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK) that lies not far from the frontline. The political party “The Right sector” is formally independent from Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK) named “The Right Sector” due to one peculiarity: according to some Governmental restrictions political parties are forbidden to have their own troops. But it happened that both party and Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK) are two elements of the same system. 

It didn’t take much time to carry out the private meeting. Questions under consideration were personnel policy as well as taking the decision to participate in the elections. 

After the meeting the names of TOP-10 party members were announced. 

The list is led by Andryy Tarasenko, a well-known “Stepan’s Bandera Trident” (“Trysub”) member representing the organization for many years. He is now one of several leaders of “The Right Sector”. He has nowadays been hospitalized due to a serious injury. 

Some more people presenting TOP-10 are the following: 

Olena Bilozerska, a journalist and a blogger who has been providing strong informational support to right wing movements in Ukraine for many years. She was deprived of a popular international award because of her nationalistic point of view. Olena is currently an avarage soldier of the 5th battalion of Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK). 

Olena Karpiyk, one of “The Right Sector” founder’s wife. Her husband has been kidnapped by The Federal Security Service. 

Rostyslav Vynar, an old participant of “Stepan’s Bandera Trident” (“Trysub”), a leader of “The Right Sector” in Dnipropetrovsk region, Central Ukraine, and a social and political journalist known for traditionalist works. 

Petro Ivanyshyn, DPhil, professor, the so-called “literature fascist” (according to the words of a couple of liberal minded intellectuals) because of his “homophobic” viewpoints as well as strong critic of liberalism, feminism, postmodernism and westernization. 

 “The Right Sector” Ukraine leader is going to run for a deputy in one of the frontline majority districts. 

To be frank, we must confess “The Right Sector” will definitely face some hardships on its way to Parliament. De facto, “The Right Sector” is the only powerful political structure fully independent from any oligarchs. The major income of the party is given to cover organization’s needs (weapon and transport purchase, medical treatment etc.). Nevertheless, the party’s leaders are sure that participation in the elections will consolidate achievements of the nationalist movement.