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“Right sector” standing for Traditional Values of Ukraine

The media have been frequently raising the question of “Right Sector”s specific attitude towards the so-called "LGBT community" these days. In order to avoid further speculations on this subject, "Right Sector" claims that it is categorically opposing the pressing of perverted ideas about human sexuality on our society. 

We clearly differentiate people who are just sick on homosexuality or suffer from other sexual deviations and task-oriented policy on promoting and legitimizing various perversions as well as destruction of traditional morality and traditional views upon a man and a family. 

Modern radical liberalism seeks to transform humankind into a biomass having previously deprived a person of national, ethnic, cultural and even sexual identity. It goes without saying that "Right Sector", based on nationalism, traditionalism, Christianity and Ukrainian values, will resist this pressure. 

There is a war in Ukraine right now. It looks as if our society had enough time to unite around the idea of the national state, protection of its independence and territorial integrity. However, the so-called "LGBT activists" are at the same time spending grants allocated to conduct their provocative activities against a person, a family, religion and a nation. Thus, they are trying to split the Ukrainian society, breeding ill blood among us and distracting people’s attention from the main issues of these days: political struggle and liberation war. Taking into account these facts, nationalist movements as well as conservative and other patriotic organizations should oppose this state of affairs. 

"Right Sector" being the military-political movement uses all its structures to resist these destructive environments and their work. We always keep in mind the fact that there is the eastern front inside of Ukraine, but let’s not forget about the fact that Ukrainian people face numerous fronts, not just an internal one!

Dmytro Yarosh: On nationalist attitude towards NATO

Now when Ukrainians continue to be imposed with vain hope of some aid given by one international predator for the fight with another one, we’d like to present our readers a brief piece of work "On the Edge of Two Worlds" (2008) by Dmytry Yarosh. 

The West, Moscow as well as the current regime can mage agreements, organize nice "talks on peace" and decide on our fate for us. However, there is hardly any benefit of this. No one will save us unless we do it ourselves. Therefore, we should not forget the words of Lesia Ukrainka [world-known Ukrainian poetess] "The one who has released himself becomes free; the one who releases his neighbor enslaves him". 

Who can name at least one fully successful military campaign of the alliance over the past twenty years? Kosovo? ... Iraq? ... Afghanistan? ... Have we forgot that the USA itself (being also a NATO base state) is one of the guarantors of Ukraine's independence in exchange for its nuclear disarmament? So what does this military-political bloc membership bring for Ukraine indeed? Yes, you are right: a new standard of living, namely, society dechristianization; complete legalization and even promotion of sexual perversions; aggressive feminism that will destroy a typical patriarchal Ukrainian family; pacifism that thrives in NATO countries turning men into silent freaks and so on. At the same time, it brings new military standards as well: army management and its structure; MIC; weapons etc. What is of the major interest of current “governors” and oligarchs of Ukraine is the military-industrial complex. Imagine, how many billions can such non-Ukrainians as Pinchuk, Akhmetov, Kolomoysky [all of them are rich Jews living in Ukraine and leading successful business there] "honestly" amass ..? 

To say more, has anyone ever thought about the fact that such an important thing as “the national security concept” is quite a structural notion? It conveys security of the titular nation, state safety and security of minorities living on the territory of Ukraine. So the question is how NATO is going to provide the most important issue - Ukrainian national security? Is it planning to do that by building its military bases on our lands? Or, perhaps, by placing its garrisons in our cities? By putting on alert defense systems? Shall we trust sweet NATO promisers who are obviously dreaming of the wealth of Ukrainian land rather than its safety, whose interests are restricted with our black earth and food resources, minerals and raw materials; seas, rivers, forests, mountains and valleys? These are the true interests of our American and European "friends". Try to refresh in your memory all the cases when the West surrendered Ukrainians to Moscow in the sake of its own interests! 

Yes, Ukraine is placed on the verge of two worlds, yes, we are a European nation, and yes, we are the carriers for a complex mission: spiritual rebirth of European civilization. But we must understand that those who rule the world today are doing their best to destroy the truth of God on earth, to make all the nations (being the work of our Lord) melt in the global pot, and, finally, to destroy the system of God’s values , which has led the humanity through ages. In this context I take both Moscow and Brussels as the union. 

July 5th, 2008 

неділя, 2 листопада 2014 р.

The activists of "Right Sector" made an opposition event to the bugger gathering that toke place in "Kinopanorama", Kyiv cinema

The activists of the nationalist movement "Right Sector" together with the Voluntary Ukrainian Corpus [or “DUK” – from Ukr.] representatives who have just returned from the frontline, made an opposition event to the bugger gathering that toke place in "Kinopanorama", Kyiv cinema, on October 31, 2014.

In spite of the fact that we are now being in the state of war, numerous bugger organizations financed from abroad don’t even plan to stop or freeze their activities and carry on making propaganda. In particular, on October 31 those degenerates arranged to show the film "Max and others" in one of the capital’s cinemas "Kinopanorama", the purpose of the event is obvious: convincing viewers that sexual perversions are now considered the norm.

The anti-event to this sodomy conducted by the “Right sector" on October 31 was effective. After a small visit of nationalists organizers of the bugger propaganda evening changed their mind refused to show that anti-Christian film.

However, public reaction on the nationalistic opposition action was ambiguous. It is clear that all decent people supported nationalists; however, there were some degenerates who sentenced them.
Well, nationalists have long been operating in accordance with the Eastern proverb, "The dog barks, the caravan proceeds to go". Despite liberal barking nationalists are eager to continue fighting and resistance to the destructive ideas that come to us from the West. Thank God, we have strength to take up arms and defend our land from neobolshevyks attacking us in the east of Ukraine, and we are strong enough to punish officials who abuse the people, as well as to resist bastards that fight against the remnants of our people’s morality and try to impose perverted norms on us.

неділя, 5 жовтня 2014 р.

Russia Insists on Strengthening Anti-Fascist Legislation

Modern Russia is a member of most European globalist organizations. Participating in ll these associations it fully agrees on anti-fascist mythology postulates which are an integral part of modern liberalism. Moreover, Russia is often seen to be in favor of strengthening legislation aimed at struggling with nationalism. 

On September 30th at the PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) session in Strasbourg debates took place aiming to adopt a new resolution on "neo-Nazism". Main reporters were Marietta Pourbaix-Lundin and Olga Kaakova, representatives of Sweden and Russia respectively. Both speakers insisted that the so-called "neo-Nazism" should be equated with "right extremism". The Russia representative was persistently assertive concerning blaming Ukrainian Waffen SS Division "Galicia". 

Russia's position is not surprising, because the current Putin’s regime considers nationalism completely unacceptable. Any manifestations of Russian nationalism are severely persecuted. In addition, Moscow is aware that its imperial interests are in danger because of nationalist movements in Eastern Europe.

Reference: The division "Galicia" was formed in 1943 being an initiative of Ukrainians loyal to the Third Reich as well as Ukrainian Catholic representatives and moderate Ukrainian politicians. The Ukrainian Nationalists Organization (UNO) did not support the idea of creating such a division as it considered their enemy to be not just the USSR but also Germany. Nevertheless, UNO did not take an active resistance to the establishment of the division.

The main motivation of volunteers from the Division "Galicia" was the desire to protect their homeland from Bolshevism. Division soldiers showed great heroism during the Battle of Brody (in fact, while German troops were demotivated it was the Ukrainian Division that offered the greatest resistance to the Bolsheviks). Afterwards the soldiers from the Division fought against communist partisans in Slovakia and Yugoslavia (Ukrainian soldiers concluded an informal peace agreement with Joseph Tito’s partisans while fighting in Yugoslavia).

четвер, 18 вересня 2014 р.

“The Right Sector” will participate in Parliamentary elections

 On September, 13, the political party “The right Sector” had a meeting. It took place at the camp of the 5th battalion of Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK) that lies not far from the frontline. The political party “The Right sector” is formally independent from Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK) named “The Right Sector” due to one peculiarity: according to some Governmental restrictions political parties are forbidden to have their own troops. But it happened that both party and Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK) are two elements of the same system. 

It didn’t take much time to carry out the private meeting. Questions under consideration were personnel policy as well as taking the decision to participate in the elections. 

After the meeting the names of TOP-10 party members were announced. 

The list is led by Andryy Tarasenko, a well-known “Stepan’s Bandera Trident” (“Trysub”) member representing the organization for many years. He is now one of several leaders of “The Right Sector”. He has nowadays been hospitalized due to a serious injury. 

Some more people presenting TOP-10 are the following: 

Olena Bilozerska, a journalist and a blogger who has been providing strong informational support to right wing movements in Ukraine for many years. She was deprived of a popular international award because of her nationalistic point of view. Olena is currently an avarage soldier of the 5th battalion of Ukrainian Voluntary corps (DUK). 

Olena Karpiyk, one of “The Right Sector” founder’s wife. Her husband has been kidnapped by The Federal Security Service. 

Rostyslav Vynar, an old participant of “Stepan’s Bandera Trident” (“Trysub”), a leader of “The Right Sector” in Dnipropetrovsk region, Central Ukraine, and a social and political journalist known for traditionalist works. 

Petro Ivanyshyn, DPhil, professor, the so-called “literature fascist” (according to the words of a couple of liberal minded intellectuals) because of his “homophobic” viewpoints as well as strong critic of liberalism, feminism, postmodernism and westernization. 

 “The Right Sector” Ukraine leader is going to run for a deputy in one of the frontline majority districts. 

To be frank, we must confess “The Right Sector” will definitely face some hardships on its way to Parliament. De facto, “The Right Sector” is the only powerful political structure fully independent from any oligarchs. The major income of the party is given to cover organization’s needs (weapon and transport purchase, medical treatment etc.). Nevertheless, the party’s leaders are sure that participation in the elections will consolidate achievements of the nationalist movement. 

середа, 27 серпня 2014 р.

CasaPound Italia support Ukraine

Dear readers! (Editor’s letter)

We are sorry to inform that the web-site you are currently on hasn’t published any new materials for a long time due to the fact that its creators have been actively participating in the notorious events in the East of Ukraine. For this reason we feel an urge need to report you about all the latest events in Ukraine. 
Ukrainian people continue to fight against Moscow's occupation. Our struggle against Russian imperialists seems now to be a struggle for the preservation of the Ukrainian nation. For many years of Ukrainian independence it has been a neo-colonial power that betrayed our interests for benefit of Moscow and the West. This power has deprived Ukraine of nuclear weapons and has systematically destroyed the Ukrainian army. That is what Moscow imperialists were hoping for. But our enemies have made a mistake: their aggression led to our national spirit “recovery”. The whole Ukrainian nation is now consolidated to struggle against one common enemy. 

The current regime led by Poroshenko isn’t acting in a consecutive manner. To say more, there are lots of traitors on the highest levels of Ukrainian government and in the army. Unfortunately, Ukrainian nationalists are not able to fight on two fronts at the same time as struggle against the internal enemy would definitely bring benefits to invaders. But we must say that there is one good thing concerning this issue. One may easily observe nowadays a sincere revolutionary mood of Ukrainians. “The Right Sector” is becoming more and more popular among frontline soldiers every new day of our struggle. A lot of soldiers and officers are frank in their words about the time after defeating the Russians when they are eager to go and fight with the Kyivan traitors and are going to carry out a military coup together with nationalists.