неділя, 2 листопада 2014 р.

The activists of "Right Sector" made an opposition event to the bugger gathering that toke place in "Kinopanorama", Kyiv cinema

The activists of the nationalist movement "Right Sector" together with the Voluntary Ukrainian Corpus [or “DUK” – from Ukr.] representatives who have just returned from the frontline, made an opposition event to the bugger gathering that toke place in "Kinopanorama", Kyiv cinema, on October 31, 2014.

In spite of the fact that we are now being in the state of war, numerous bugger organizations financed from abroad don’t even plan to stop or freeze their activities and carry on making propaganda. In particular, on October 31 those degenerates arranged to show the film "Max and others" in one of the capital’s cinemas "Kinopanorama", the purpose of the event is obvious: convincing viewers that sexual perversions are now considered the norm.

The anti-event to this sodomy conducted by the “Right sector" on October 31 was effective. After a small visit of nationalists organizers of the bugger propaganda evening changed their mind refused to show that anti-Christian film.

However, public reaction on the nationalistic opposition action was ambiguous. It is clear that all decent people supported nationalists; however, there were some degenerates who sentenced them.
Well, nationalists have long been operating in accordance with the Eastern proverb, "The dog barks, the caravan proceeds to go". Despite liberal barking nationalists are eager to continue fighting and resistance to the destructive ideas that come to us from the West. Thank God, we have strength to take up arms and defend our land from neobolshevyks attacking us in the east of Ukraine, and we are strong enough to punish officials who abuse the people, as well as to resist bastards that fight against the remnants of our people’s morality and try to impose perverted norms on us.