понеділок, 7 липня 2014 р.

No Gay Parade in Kyiv thanks to nationalists’ threats

On Saturday, July 5, there had to take place a rally named "Equality march". It was to be organized by local LGBT activists. Perverts in Ukraine are hesitant to organize public gay parades so this was the latest attempt to carry out a more modest public meeting. However, even this action seemed to be impossible for them to organize because Kyiv police claimed it was absolutely unprepared to protect perverts from possible nationalists’ attacks. According to one of the police heralds nationalists would have a substantial quantitative advantage in the case of street clashes. Moreover, they could be armed. After such news LGBT activists couldn’t help refusing to carry out what they had planned to.

The fact is that nationalists were seriously preparing to counter perverts indeed. Despite the fact that many Kyiv nationalists are nowadays fighting in the East of Ukraine, there were still quite a lot of activists in the capital presenting nationalist organizations willing to disrupt the "Equality march" even if it would have been under strong police protection. In order to support their comrades, those fighters who were training at the battalion "Azov" came back to Kyiv. The "Rights Sector" representatives stated that in the case of "Equality march" conduction there would be people punished for that action, and those are not only organizers but also some officials and politicians helping to carry out the event.

What is worth emphasizing is that THIS is the 3rd perverts’ attempt to carry out a public meeting of that kind in the Ukrainian capital. The 1st attempt took place in 2012. In order to resist degenerates a great number of young nationalists from all over the country came to Kyiv. An impressive quantity of nationalistic power gave an opportunity to take the whole city under control (taking into account residential settlements too). Therefore perverts rejected the idea of the "humble gay parade". Nevertheless, several LGBT movement representatives were still beaten. 

Unfortunately, perverts succeeded to carry out their small public meeting in 2013. Mind that the campaign was accompanied by extremely strong support from the police, including Special Forces named "Berkut" (literally “Golden eagle”). Nationalists failed to break through the numerical police borders. The event organization was in fact agreed at the highest level as the Ukrainian President of that time (Victor Yanukovych) led a policy of rapprochement with Brussels (it should be noted that Yanukovych was the most loyal to the LGBT movement among the other presidents). 

Nowadays the main nationalist forces are aiming to resist Russian invaders in the East. However, nationalists do not stop fighting against all the dangers that are spread through totalitarian liberalism of the West.