пʼятниця, 16 травня 2014 р.

Dmytro Yarosh : Caravan should move on…

There is such Eastern proverb: “dog barks, but caravan moves on. During last years of the existence of Independent Ukraine, this proverb inspired me and many of my blood brothers. We moved on.. We walked the way of National revolution. Moved to our dream, Ukrainian Independent Common State. Dogs barked, snarling jackals, but we did our work 2013 brought to us great award for all our efforts. Our society began to realize the basic truth – only red-black flag will lead us under blue-yellow flag of liberty. Ideas, which we, nationalists, proclaimed many years, has been perceived by critical mass of Ukrainian citizens and this resulted to the real revolution development in Ukraine. But, at the same time, we must realize the fact, that National revolution has not won yet.

Imperial Kremlin panicky afraid of the creation of Ukrainian national state. That is the reason of it”s reaction with aggression. Unfortunately, we still have to implement only defensive war, protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Aggression of Moscow a little bit suspended revolutionary processes and saved oligarch system, allowed the new power to act impertinently, save from lustration those, who were guilty before the Ukrainian publicity, did not allow to finish the revolutionary process with juridical and political finish of the national idea'as the base of Ukrainian state creation.

If we had no any factors of aggression from the Moscow, in this case the street would say it”s powerful word, revolutionary element must create concrete political yields, and the society, united by revolution, would create all actions of the new power.

But, we have many facts to be glory in. We many facts be optimistic. First of all, in winter 2013-2014 the revolution of consciousness took place. Now we have another society, than we had a year ago Revolutionary struggle led us to the powerful changes, which will be potential many decades. Our society became closer to the national ideas. At the same time our society realized it’s own responsibility of the creation it”s own history. Ukrainian society now understands, that it must strictly establish all demands to the existing power, and in case of the ignoring of such demands - the existing power can be replaced.

There was another positive change – the positional strengthen of national movement. We were capable to unite to the single revolution force different levels, oriented to the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism. Recently, those levels of society were displaced by neo-colonial obstacles. But now, “Right Sector” is one of the most important factors of the state living. “Right Sector ” is uncomfortable for many people, but we exist and affect many processes, because we are based on the right ideas and ideals, sacrifice of oufr membership and the support of population.

It is very important the fact of military force growth in the national movement. “Right Sector” appeared in Ukrainian history in the night of October the 30, defending “student” Maidan against brutal goblins from “Berkut”. Weapons of those fellows for that time was simple wooden sticks (not even sticks, but pieces of wooden logs) and canned peas. Several months passed, stakes in the struggle grew, but “Right Sector” become the real revolutionary army, hardened during those street encounters. After Yanukovich escape we were capable to create the system of professional training or fighters and now those fighters effectively encounter armed saboteurs from Moscow.

With regard to that fact, the “Right Sector” had to adapt to the new political conditions and become the political party, we accurately choose methods how to encounter with aggressors from Moscow. Unfortunately, the acting power does not promote the ability to use full potentiality of nationalists in in the struggle for the unity of the country. But, despite, we managed the cooperation, and for this time our fellows coordinate thei efforts with state force agencies, defending national interests as on the “front line”, as in the deep “rear”.

Those our fellows, who encounter saboteurs from Moscow in Donbass or guard state border somewhere in Rivne region, - they are the confidence of our future. The best of them will head national movement and, probably, in some time, will head political life in Ukraine. They are those people, who estimate honor and defense of national interests higher than their security and own prosperity. Unfortunately, there are some persons in our power with psychology of traders and bank owners. With the kind assistance of God, The National revolution in Ukraine will win and we will obtain real national elite - not only professionals, but sacrificial people with virtues of knights.

Our “caravan” moves on. The question about the victorious finish of National revolution is still the objective and will be the primary question. That is why - we will win. And God will assist us!