пʼятниця, 9 травня 2014 р.

Congratulations to the Polish people on note of the canonization of POPE JOHN PAUL II from Right Sector

We sincerely congratulate all Poles on note of the canonization of John Paul II - a great pastor of the Universal Church and a great son of the Polish people. One can take different views on the politics of John Paul II. But, beyond any doubt and discussion are his holiness, his dedication to God and his love to people. "Santo subito!" - "Immediately a Saint!" – chanted crowds of people at his funeral.  Hundreds of millions of followers of the Universal Church from the entire world were waiting anxiously for the start of the beatification process, and after for the canonization of this great Christian leader. The proclamation of John Paul II as a Saint filled the entire Church with happiness. Even more happiness was brought to the Polish people, which the Pope was a member of.

Ukrainians and Poles have a tragic history. However, recent events give us hope of being able to not repeat the mistakes of the past and together build the future. It is impossible not to mention how Poles showed such solidarity with our people during the revolutionary events. The support we felt can be a sign of the decisive reconciliation of our peoples and preparation for close co-operation and friendship in the future.

We, Ukrainian nationalists, are interested in co-operation with Polish conservative and nationalist forces and in friendly relations between our nations overall. We are interested in integration processes on the territory between the Black and Baltic seas and view Poland as our strategic partner. Our peoples must forget any chauvinism and build relations on positions of mutual respect. I hope John Paul II himself will pray for this in Heaven.

The Right Sector calls upon all Poles to remain true sons of the Church and to remain their national and religious identity. Together we'll revive Europe – a Europe of free nations!