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Dmytro Yarosh: On nationalist attitude towards NATO

Now when Ukrainians continue to be imposed with vain hope of some aid given by one international predator for the fight with another one, we’d like to present our readers a brief piece of work "On the Edge of Two Worlds" (2008) by Dmytry Yarosh. 

The West, Moscow as well as the current regime can mage agreements, organize nice "talks on peace" and decide on our fate for us. However, there is hardly any benefit of this. No one will save us unless we do it ourselves. Therefore, we should not forget the words of Lesia Ukrainka [world-known Ukrainian poetess] "The one who has released himself becomes free; the one who releases his neighbor enslaves him". 

Who can name at least one fully successful military campaign of the alliance over the past twenty years? Kosovo? ... Iraq? ... Afghanistan? ... Have we forgot that the USA itself (being also a NATO base state) is one of the guarantors of Ukraine's independence in exchange for its nuclear disarmament? So what does this military-political bloc membership bring for Ukraine indeed? Yes, you are right: a new standard of living, namely, society dechristianization; complete legalization and even promotion of sexual perversions; aggressive feminism that will destroy a typical patriarchal Ukrainian family; pacifism that thrives in NATO countries turning men into silent freaks and so on. At the same time, it brings new military standards as well: army management and its structure; MIC; weapons etc. What is of the major interest of current “governors” and oligarchs of Ukraine is the military-industrial complex. Imagine, how many billions can such non-Ukrainians as Pinchuk, Akhmetov, Kolomoysky [all of them are rich Jews living in Ukraine and leading successful business there] "honestly" amass ..? 

To say more, has anyone ever thought about the fact that such an important thing as “the national security concept” is quite a structural notion? It conveys security of the titular nation, state safety and security of minorities living on the territory of Ukraine. So the question is how NATO is going to provide the most important issue - Ukrainian national security? Is it planning to do that by building its military bases on our lands? Or, perhaps, by placing its garrisons in our cities? By putting on alert defense systems? Shall we trust sweet NATO promisers who are obviously dreaming of the wealth of Ukrainian land rather than its safety, whose interests are restricted with our black earth and food resources, minerals and raw materials; seas, rivers, forests, mountains and valleys? These are the true interests of our American and European "friends". Try to refresh in your memory all the cases when the West surrendered Ukrainians to Moscow in the sake of its own interests! 

Yes, Ukraine is placed on the verge of two worlds, yes, we are a European nation, and yes, we are the carriers for a complex mission: spiritual rebirth of European civilization. But we must understand that those who rule the world today are doing their best to destroy the truth of God on earth, to make all the nations (being the work of our Lord) melt in the global pot, and, finally, to destroy the system of God’s values , which has led the humanity through ages. In this context I take both Moscow and Brussels as the union. 

July 5th, 2008