пʼятниця, 19 грудня 2014 р.

“Right sector” standing for Traditional Values of Ukraine

The media have been frequently raising the question of “Right Sector”s specific attitude towards the so-called "LGBT community" these days. In order to avoid further speculations on this subject, "Right Sector" claims that it is categorically opposing the pressing of perverted ideas about human sexuality on our society. 

We clearly differentiate people who are just sick on homosexuality or suffer from other sexual deviations and task-oriented policy on promoting and legitimizing various perversions as well as destruction of traditional morality and traditional views upon a man and a family. 

Modern radical liberalism seeks to transform humankind into a biomass having previously deprived a person of national, ethnic, cultural and even sexual identity. It goes without saying that "Right Sector", based on nationalism, traditionalism, Christianity and Ukrainian values, will resist this pressure. 

There is a war in Ukraine right now. It looks as if our society had enough time to unite around the idea of the national state, protection of its independence and territorial integrity. However, the so-called "LGBT activists" are at the same time spending grants allocated to conduct their provocative activities against a person, a family, religion and a nation. Thus, they are trying to split the Ukrainian society, breeding ill blood among us and distracting people’s attention from the main issues of these days: political struggle and liberation war. Taking into account these facts, nationalist movements as well as conservative and other patriotic organizations should oppose this state of affairs. 

"Right Sector" being the military-political movement uses all its structures to resist these destructive environments and their work. We always keep in mind the fact that there is the eastern front inside of Ukraine, but let’s not forget about the fact that Ukrainian people face numerous fronts, not just an internal one!