субота, 12 квітня 2014 р.

Dmytro Yarosh: National State is the guarantee of freedom, justice and prosperity for every citizen

In the late autumn of 2013 a national revolution has been started in Ukraine. Because of the activities of the Yanukovych's criminal regime Ukraine was on the verge of collapse, and its people suffered from iniquity, safe will of officials and from material shortadges. Going into violent confrontation with the people, resulting in the death of hundreds of Ukrainian citizens Yanukovych regime nevertheless has been defeated. However the shameful flight of Yanukovych and his closest accomplices, "changing colors" by the members of the Party of Regions and the rise to power of former opposition do not mean that the National Revolution has won. Today the national revolution must be continued by peaceful methods and this prompted me to propose myself a candidate for President of Ukraine."Right Sector" has published my official election program. Now I want to turn to the community to present some of the principles that I will realize, if I become the President:

1. National state: through the implementation of the strategic interests of the Ukrainian nation to the guarantee of rights and freedoms for every citizen.

Every nation, including the Ukrainian is a community of the dead, the living and the unborn, it is the unity of past, present and future, it is the memory of the ancestors, it is the care about contemporarie andthe responsibility for the fate of future generations. A national state should exist to implement the strategic interests of each nation. At the moment Ukrainians do not have such state — many things have beed put to the foundation for the existence of the present Ukrainian state but not our national idea, not the strategic interests of our nation. This situation has to be changed; there must be a state on Ukrainian land, which will live up the testaments of our ancestors, take care of the present interests of Ukrainian society and secure a great future for our descendants.

Only Ukrainian national state could provide a decent life for every Ukrainian citizen regardless of nationality. It has developed so historically, that Russians and Poles, Belarusians and Hungarians, Greeks and Gagauz, Armenians and Georgians, as well as representatives of many other minorities live next to Ukrainians on Ukrainian land. The most of them like the Ukrainian country and respect its indigenous inhabitants. Proof of this is the fact that Belarusians, Armenians, Russians, Poles stood, fought and died on Maidan next to Ukrainians. The creation of the national state implies attention to the extensive interests of each good citizen. Respecting the rights of the titular nation, the representatives of minorities not only facilitate their economic and social interests, but also create conditions for implementation their own national rights.

2. Solidarism is the key to social and economic fairness in the country.

The existence of Ukrainian independent state was accompanied by the establishment of criminal-oligarchic regime, which parasited on the sweat and blood of Ukrainian citizens, led to extreme social differentiation, robbed not only society but also the state. However, the recent developments in Ukraine made oligarchs aware that their influence is not absolute. The situation in Ukraine has been modified a bit and the oligarchs have adapted to these changes; however, the entire oligarchic system was not eliminated.

We are not opposed to the existence of people in Ukraine who concentrate large business resources and monetary assets in their hands. But these people do not have the right to: a) get rich at the expense of the vast majority of the population and the public interest; b) impose their own rules on political game. In order not to lose everything they possess, local oligarchs should share their wealth with public and the state, invest in the development of Ukrainian economy using their foreign assets and get rid of excessive political ambitions. There is no other way for the peaceful solution to the problem of oligarchy.

If simplified taxation system and some mechanisms for business promotion must be developed for small and medium size businesses, big companies must be accompanied by a system of progressive taxation: the more you get, the more you pay. Excess profits should be directed not to the personal pocket, for purchasing new estates for billions of dollars, but to the state treasury for social programs, as well as to production modernization. This must be be the first strategic step towards building a solidarity society.

The level of personal wealth must depend on natural abilities, education, initiative, hard work. Anyone having the appropriate skills, should pave the way to increased prosperity. But every Ukrainian citizen regardless of financial capabilities must know that all basic interests are secured. It is about the right to free education, healthcare, and abot ensuring the appropriate level of material needs.
On the one hand social programs have to solve the real problems of some population segments, on the other hand they must not contribute to social groups that parasite on the work of others, receiving social benefits without working.

3. Instead of the dictatorship of economy, the philosophy of responsibility, duty and care.

Throughout human history, material factors played an important role in the life of peoples, countries and civilizations. This is quite natural. However the absolutisation of these factors is an unnatural and harmful phenomenon. Such phenomenon we can see all around the world now and particularly in Ukraine. Under oligarchic regime, which ruled and largely continues to dominate in Ukraine, this absolutisation has got particularly degenerate forms as clannish economic interests were assigned to the basics of entire state system functioning.

We recognize the importance of economic factors in the life of state and society, however, oppose to the absolutization of these factors. We state that not a society, state or individual must serve the economy but the economy should serve the implementation of ultimate goals. This is why we advocate for the responsible voluntarism as opposition to the extreme economic determinism.

Strong political commitment, the self-devotion of people filled with high ideals, belief in themselves, combined with patriotic feelings can perform miracles, they can reach goals, which seemed impossible yesterday. So we advocate for the economic policy resulting from the strategic interests of the Ukrainian nation and which will be not restricted by patterns and schemes that now seem secure. This is a policy that puts domestic and foreign economic activity in the service of state interests, its independence and the defense, which do not exclude responsibility for the fate of the environment, which cares for the harmonious development of society and individual. This policy requires first-class specialists - technocrats in the public and private sectors, however, these technocrats must obey the strategic objectives standing in front of the nation.

4. The National State is impossible without effective mechanisms of democracy.

Both external invaders and the representatives of internal occupation regime benefited from keeping Ukraine in the iron grip of excessive centralization, bureaucracy and the lack of transparency. In our turn defending a strong and responsible state we also stand for the implementation of effective mechanisms for national democracy. We know that "good" government is not that, which consists of "good people", but that one which is under constant control of people combined by national idea.

In this regard, we support the election of judges and district police officers, the strict accountability of deputies of all levels to the voters and the possibility of their impeachment, lessening the bureaucracy of government and empowering local administrations. The distribution of administrative powers and responsibilities between public authorities and governments should be done in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity: the state should not interfere in the areas of public life in which the community itself can cope.

5. “Ukrainecentrism” as the basis of geopolitical doctrine.

Without a real national state, Ukrainians were the object and not the subject of world politics. Both ruling parties and opposition in particular found themselves in Russia – West coordinate system for more than twenty years of independence, explaining that Ukraine must either be with Russia, or with the West, or to be a buffer zone between these two geopolitical powers. We reject this neo-colonial approach and defend Ukraine centered view of the prospects in Ukrainian geopolitics.

Ukrainian geopolitical doctrine should be based on multidirectional approach, the search for the maximum number of allies in our multipolar world, and on creation of own geopolitical center. We stand for friendly relations with our neighbors and thus emphasize the importance of integration processes in the following areas: 

a) the creation of Baltic - Black Sea axis with the participation of Baltic states, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine; 

b) the reactualization of GUAM's geopolitical lines with the prospect of bringing Armenia and Black Sea countries to it (in other words - focus on the unity of the Black Sea and Caucasian countries); 

c) the establishment of the most close relations with all countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the Middle Ages, Ukraine was one of the most powerful states in Europe. Our goal is to restore that greatness of our country.

6. Raising the level of defense capabilities is one of the main directions of state policy.

Existing as neocolony, Ukrainan state pursued a policy of disarmament and the destruction of own army. Instead, the establishment of Ukraine as a truly independent national state and a strong geopolitical player requires immediate action to revive the defense capabilities. Therefore, it is extremely important radical turn in the attitude of the state towards its own army.

The residual principle of army financing, which took place in the past, must be replaced by funding in accordance with actual needs. The rearmament must be accompanied by forced development of the defence industry. Ukraine has enough technologies and experts, we just have to learn how to use them effectively.
Notable personnel changes should be conducted in the army and all law enforcement agencies focused on the criteria of professionalism and patriotism. An incapable person or disloyal to the Ukrainian state must not be allowed to wear officer's marks. However after lustration the state must make every reasonable effort to raise the social prestige and material wealth of Ukrainian soldiers. In particular, it is the urgent task to solve the housing and living problems of soldiers and raise their wages.

A general militarization of society is important for the increase of the country's defense. Therefore, it is necessary to create territorial self-defence forces like in Switzerland, but on a voluntary basis, and to permit acquisition, possession and carrying of firearms by responsible members of society.

Governmental support to youth paramilitary groups who rely on clear national and patriotic principles can be of importance for the growth of the country's defense capabilities.