четвер, 10 квітня 2014 р.

Several hundred citizens of Lviv with chainsaws demanded resignation of city officials

This morning at the Lviv City Council a community of the city and representatives of Right Sector held preventive action about unlawful destruction of Snopkivskyj park.

"On March 27 in the park were cut down 83 trees, of which only eight were deadwood. A part of them was burnt in place to cover up their crimes," said the deputy of the head of the Lviv regional organization "Right Sector" Vitaly Sergatyuk. - The workers referred to the act of 2012, where were recorded 64 trees throughout the whole park that needed cutting, but were cut down only in one place. The workers themselves told us that they were preparing the area for construction."

Activists demand resignation of the officials who gave the orders for the destruction of trees - Director of Urban Development of Lviv City Council Andriy Pavliv, Head of Environment and Landscaping Andriy Galushka and a director of state enterprise "Park High Castle" of Lviv communal enterprise "Green Lviv" Roman Protsakevych.