понеділок, 7 квітня 2014 р.

The Statement "Right Sector" on the Events in the Eastern and Southern Regions of Ukraine

A number of anti-state riots that have occurred and continue to occur in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine shows that Moscow does not limit itself with the imperialist annexation of the Crimea and is trying to either add to its territory another part of Ukrainian lands, or to force the interim government to make concessions. At the same time, Ukrainian authorities have shown a lack of will, which borders on outright sabotage. Because of this we have lost Crimea and risk losing the southern and eastern regions of the country.

Police that previously served Yanukovych regime, today ignores crimes of Russian saboteurs and so-called "separatists." Moreover, it often becomes the enemy of Ukrainian statehood. It happened in Kharkiv where MIA arrested not armed separatists that attacked the office of "Right Sector," but its defenders. Realizing the danger of further destabilization in the country, "Right Sector" did not go the way of fighting on two fronts (against the "separatists" and against MIA). However, in response to this we received only further toleration of the actions of the enemies Ukrainian statehood. It seems that the management of the MIA acts directly in favor of the interests of the Kremlin.

In this regard, we call on the Acting President of Ukraine O.Turchynov, Prime Minister of Ukraine A. Yatseniuk and the Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada) to take urgent action to stabilize the situation in the eastern and southern regions of our country. We are ready to confront the enemies of our country in close cooperation with government authorities; however, if the state government continues to demonstrate criminal inaction, we will fight on our own.

All structures of "Rights Sector" should be maximally mobilized, so that they could at first signal begin active counteraction to the so-called "separatists."

Also we call all Ukrainian citizens to support our position and not to believe provocateurs who urge to paradoxically view resistance to the aggressors as "action in favor of the Kremlin."

The Political Council of "Right Sector"