вівторок, 1 квітня 2014 р.

The UPA Commander-in-Chief's son and the famous rock musician are the "Right sector" members

During the election meeting of the "Right sector" party carried out on March 22 the core composition of a new-born political party was elected. Two outstanding representatives of the Ukrainian national movement have become inter alia several leaders of the "Right sector". They are Yuri Shuhevich and Arseniy Klimachov, the latter better known as Arseny Bilodub.

Yuri Shuhevich is the son of one of the leaders of Ukrainian Nationalists, notably the UPA Commander-in-Chief Shukhevych (1907-1950). Yuri was born in 1933. In the year 1945 he was e facto arrested. Yuri Shuhevich was forcibly kept in a children's home. His mother and grandmother were also arrested. Later, because of his refusal to renounce the father and condemn the nationalist movement Yuri Shuhevich spent nearly thirty years in Soviet prisons and concentration camps.

Arseny Bilodub is a vocalist of a legendary nationalist rock group "Sokyra Peruna" ("Perun's axe"). One more active participant the "Right sector" is a famous nationalist poet Diane Kamlyuk.