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An appeal of the Right Sector to European comrades

Many European nationalists have shown their utmost support to Ukrainian nationalists in the revolutionary events currently taking place in Ukraine. Numerous nationalists from Poland and Romania, Italy and Greece, Spain and Sweden with great happiness learned of our declarations and understood that we are not fighting for getting closer to the EU, but for freedom from the ultra-liberal, criminal and oligarch regime of Yanukovych. It is quite possible that among the fire on the streets of Kyiv, many European nationalists saw the light of the future victory of conservative nationalist revolutionary forces throughout Europe. In this regard, we were very surprised and disappointed to learn of the joint statement made by the Hungarian Jobbik party and the Polish Ruch Narodowy movement.

In their statement, both call on their own governments to unite effors for the "defense" of the interests of Hungarian and Polish minorities in Ukraine in light of the current revolutionary events. These Polish and Hungarian populists are concerned at the rise of nationalism in Ukraine. In this regard, they have the exact same views of the local (Ukrainian) criminal elite, Russian chauvinists and American imperalists (it is worth noting that different influential American politicians have expressed their concern regarding the revolutionary events in Ukraine, due to the nationalist nature of the events).

In answering the statement of Jobbik and Ruch Narodowy, we would first of all like to say that Ukrainian nationalism is not chauvinist. For example, despite the fact that during the inner-war period some Ukrainian lands were occupied by Poland the Polish government had a policy of assimilating the local population, after the end of the Second World War, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists attempted to gain contacts and work with Polish anti-Communist forces (unfortunately, complete co-operation was not possible, due to many of those forces having imperialist views). Regarding our relations with Hungarians, it is worth noting that in 1939 Hungary invaded and occupied Carpathian Ukraine. Before that, when both Hungarian and a number of Ukrainian lands were in the Hapsburg empire, Hungarians attempted to conduct a policy of assimilation against Ukrainians.

Despite that, after the Second World War the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists put past conflicts behind them and commenced work with Hungarian nationalists in the Antibolshevik Block of Peoples. Furthmore, a few batallions of Ukrainian volunteers in 1956 spilt their own blood and sacrificed their own lives supporting the Hungarian uprising.

Currently, Ukrainian nationalists are also far from chauvinistic views and throwing fire into the mutual animosity that existed in the past. We have already stated a few times that that the National revolution in Ukraine does not pose any threat to the local Polish minority in Ukraine. There is no need for any other ethnic minorities to worry, either. Quite the opposite, we feel the state must guarantee their rights to practice their own culture as long as they are loyal to Ukrainians.

Thus, this statement of certain Hungarian and Polish politicians is baseless. However, the statement itself is not only anti-Ukrainian, it is anti-European. Currently, nationalist movements throughout Europe must promote unity. This is especially true for nationalists in Central and Eastern Europe. In particular, the Right Sector feels that past animosity between Ukrainians and Poles, Ukrainians and Hungarians, Ukrainians and Romanians, as well as Hungarians and Romanians, must be put to rest. Following the principles of true nationalism, we must create a geopolitical center that through it's strength would show the rest of Europe the path to freedom.

We call on representatives of nationalist movements in Europe to condemn the actions of Jobbik and Ruch Narodow. Spreading chauvinism is of no use for neither concrete nations, nor Europe as a whole.

We would also like to remind representatives of Jobbik that we are very happy to see it's success inside Hungary and would like to see Hungary become a nationalist and conservative state. However, any imperialist statements and actions, directed against Ukraine and her teritorial integrety will bring about an immediate response from us.

True patriots, nationalists and conservative revolutionaries must not fear the national revolution in Ukraine. Whoever fears it either does not know Ukrainian nationalism, or is a chauvinist and temporary ally of Mondialist forces, who are also worried about the success of Ukrainian nationalists

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