субота, 22 березня 2014 р.

Ignorance, bribery or hypocrisy? (a few words on "Golden Dawn")

Ukraininan nationalists have been keeping vigilant watch on Greek "Golden Dawn"'s success. Every victory gained by this political party was considered to be a contribution into the whole Europeans success. After some overt repressions against "Golden Dawn" had taken place Ukrainian nationalists expressed their warm support to the party.

There were lots of graffiti flash mobs in our towns aiming to support repressed members of "Golden Dawn". October 28th was the day when Greek embassy in Ukraine was picketed by Ukraininan nationalists. The event ended in bombing the embasy with smoke pots. Those who actually initiated the picketing were "Tryzub" (national movement and the core of the Right Sector) and the Committee for Liberation of Political Prisoners (human rights movement aiming to protect repressed nationalists). The official statement of Ukrainian nationalists (see below) reveals the parallels drawn between both Ukrainian and Greek struggles.

That is why current statements made by "Golden Dawn" representatives concerning Ukraininan events seem to be very hypocritical. Lots of Ukrainian nationalists are disappointed by this fact and consider "Golden Dawn" is simply working off Russian money.

Statement about picketing Greek embasy in order to support "Golden Dawn" activists being repressed

The act of picketing Greek embassy shows the strong will to express our solidarity with the Greek patriots who have become victims of their own country's corrupt government. We are not sharing the whole scope of "Golden Dawn"s ideological principles but, at the same time, we are sincerely supporting its activists, as we have clear understanding of the cause for repressions. It is the sequence of actions targeting to defend the national interests of the Greek people.

The current situation in Greece strongly resembles the one in Ukraine - we are under oppression of internal occupation. The only difference is that the Ukrainians have not yet managed to rebubild a full-blown nationalistic state whilst the Greeks have already lost it in the process of integration into globalist organizations. Greek nationalists advocated the idea of exclusion Greece from the EU membership and proposed the concept of resistance to the multinational capital forces. Having proved sincerity and correctness of these beliefs in practice, they have gained considerable people's support, and this fact couldn't but frighten Greek authorities whose only concern was implementing the Brussel's will, not the interests of their own people.

While expressing support for the Greek patriots we also want to attract attention of the Ukrainians and provide them with understanding concerning those issues that are waiting for us on the way to European integration. European Union is firts of all an ideological project built on the principles of liberalism. Liberalism and nationalism are incompatible notions, and repression of "Golden Dawn" is a convincing example of that. Therefore, after the EU Association Agreement is being signed the only thing that we can expect is a new act of anti-nationalistic policy implemented by the internal occupation regime of Ukraine, as well as increased pressure on the Ukrainian nationalist forces. Since the signing of the Association Agreement is almost irreversible, we urge all the Ukrainians to team up around the national idea and struggle for obtaining the Ukrainian Independent State.

Under the banner of national revolution, against the regime of internal and imperialist occupation of Moscow and the West! Long live the National Revolution! Long Live the Modern Reconquista which will free European nations from oppression of totalitarian liberalism!