понеділок, 17 березня 2014 р.

Appeal of DMYTRO YAROSH to the government of Ukraine and to the compatriots

The Government of Ukraine!

Dear compatriots!

I appeal to all of you. We - one nation, no matter what nationality is each of us - Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, Crimean Tatar, Georgian, Armenian, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek, or anyone else.

In these anxious as never before times we must unite.

Russia pulls its troops to the Ukrainian border, defiantly rattling weapons, bullying Ukrainian citizens. Kremlin, ignoring international law and obligations, supports collaborators in Crimea, establishes a puppet regime. We must be prepared for the fact that the Russian authorities will not be able to quench their imperial ambitions and will ignite a war for annexation of new territories. Crimean Peninsula – tasty, but too small piece of land to appease the appetite of the empire. Moscow needs all Ukraine. A hundred years ago started the first world war for the redivision of the world. Now thanks to the efforts of Putin the world is on the verge of World War III, which will completely reshape the map of the world or even will bring the world to ruin.

I appeal to the government of Ukraine. Urgent need to prepare for a possible start of the Russian invasion. The government is obliged immediately:

Form the Supreme Headquarters;

Prepare Headquarters prior to action in defense of the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine and opposing the invasion of occupation forces;

In the event of aggression declare the Patriotic War on the occupiers;

Declare the universal mobilization of the population, form the armed fighting forces;

Ensure supply of weapons from member countries of NATO;

Prepare for the destruction of weapons, vehicles and facilities of the Naval Forces of Ukraine which could fall into the hands of invaders and collaborators;

Bring supplies of weapons into the inland regions of country from warehouses located in areas which can be captured by the enemy;

Create a battalion of territorial defense;

Form a diversionary group of officers and warrant officers, ensigns, special forces reservists;

Develop a plan of the possible routes of the mechanized columns of Russian troops, prepare for the task of making surgical strikes on them;

Form guerrilla and sabotage groups that in case of occupation will operate in enemy territory.

We continue to hope that the potential conflict with Russia will be resolved diplomatically. But today's actions of the Kremlin regime show that Otto von Bismarck was right in saying "Contracts with Russia are not worth the paper on which they are written." Therefore, we must be ready to move into an active phase of resistance to invaders.

Compatriots! We must not let the enemy make a blitzkrieg in Ukraine.

By forces of Ukrainian patriots we should prevent any actions of the enemy in our territory.

If the boots of Russian soldiers trample our land, we will do our best to make the occupant pay dearly for it. We remember that Russia makes money by transferring oil and gas to the West through our pipe - so we will destroy this pipe, having deprived the enemy of this source of funding.

May the earth burn under the feet of the occupier, may he drown in his blood, having stepped on our territory.

Not a single step back! Do not let the run amok totalitarian regime in Moscow ignite World War III!

The leader of "Right Sector" Dmytro Yarosh