субота, 22 березня 2014 р.

Dmytro Jarosh about Christianity and Nationalism

The example of liberal Europe proves that there is no space for God and Church where this [liberal] "values" dominate. Temples are thinning out and closing, people are degenerating and dying out, and Islam or various sects come to replace Christianity. It is understandable, because liberalism as well as socialism and communism are materialistic doctrines which set human above God, lead to decreasing the influence and authority of Church and weaken its ''gravity force'' which unites nation in one monolith.

Nowadays drawing Ukrainian nationalists' position together with the position of Church is one of the questions of urgent importance. Ukrainian nationalists are accused by different materialists in so-called "untolerancy", "violence" and uncompromising "fanaticism", but in fact it is the manifestation of immense love for God and nation of their own, love for fatherland, faith, customs and traditions, love for all that spiritual values which are cultivated by Church.

Ukrainian history is full of examples, when various "liberal intellectuals" turned tails and fleed when Church had to be defended, and Ukrainian nationalists devoted their lives to it. Therefore, we, nationalists, are calling for hierarchs of Ukrainian Christian Church to mobilize the efforts of its church members to struggle against the inland occupation regime and create one more column of Ukrainian Revolution which may also be the most powerful ever.

(From the book by Dmytro Jarosh "The Appeal to Sworn Brothers")