вівторок, 18 березня 2014 р.

Dmytro Jarosh: Globalism – The enemy of mankind

Ukraine is a European country, Ukrainians are a European nation. This has been the case for thousands of years. Nobody doubts that. But is the present-day Europe European itself? That is actually the question.

The imperial past of most leading European countries is pulling them down. Mass multimillion migration that never stops, influences on the settlement of the British, Germans, French, Spaniards, Italians and others among immigrants from Africa and Asia. Secularism and Islamization are changing the Christian nations into the religiously uncertain people and are killing the soul of the Europeans. The various "left" power and opposition parties actively promote and cultivate sodomy, depravity, drug addiction, legalize euthanasia and killing children (abortions), and try to legitimize and intensify pseudoscientific researches - cloning animals and humans. Europe is slowly but steadily losing its face, turning into a horrible inhuman monster.

The European Union is using anti-Christian and anti-European forces as well. Eliminating of borders and differences between nations destroys traditional European nations and their states. The EU increasingly resembles another Union – the Soviet Union. There was only one difference. Communist totalitarianism dominated in Soviet Union, and in the EU today liberal democratic totalitarianism is getting more and more powerful.

The foreign policy of the EU and its major players – Great Britain, Germany and France - as always, stands out to be open to bribery and corruption. Today we can observe how they surrender Georgia and Ukraine to Moscow point-by-point. Yesterday we saw how they were shamelessly destroying the Christian Serbia and Macedonia. And it is unclear what was there more: countering the Serbian imperialism or helping the Muslim Albanians to prepare the ground for “The Great Albania" foundation.

It’s not necessary to talk much about the United States. This state was established by the Freemasons and they have been ruling it until now on. Now this is the only Super Empire that is trying to control the world. This country sticks its nose where it doesn’t belong, often getting into troubles after that (situations in Iraq and Afghanistan). Counteracting the nationalisms and fundamental Christian principles - this is the mission of modern America. Thus, according to various sources, the actual American nationalism is strongly suppressed by the U.S. governmental authorities. And that is as a natural result. As you know, the U.S. and the EU are almost completely controlled and their policy is subject to global multinational corporations that are directly involved, including those supporting the internal occupation regime of the Ukrainian nation. This is the third anti-Ukrainian frontline.

They are fighting against us, using the methods and effects similar to those of Moscow. But their imperialism is now called globalization.

(From the book by Dmytro Jarosh "UKRAINIAN REVOLUTION: XXI Century", 2009)