середа, 26 березня 2014 р.


"Right Sector" in Rivne made a statement concerning the murder of Sashko Bilyi.

Today the funeral of Olexandr Muzychko was attended by the hundreds of fighters of "Right Sector. " Among them was also the leader of organization Dmytro Yarosh. "Right Sector" accuses of the murder of Sashko Bilyi the Interior Minister Avakov.

"Sashko Bilyi was one of those people who wanted to change the system.  Avakov, you bastard, you killed Sashko. He knew that you were going to kill him. You gave this criminal order, whereas you could stop. Therefore, you will bear responsibility for this. You, Avakov, and the commander of Special Forces who gave the order to shoot will be jailed," said the representative of "Right Sector" Olexandr Pantyuhov.